Blackwing Lair Boost On – Let The Games Begin!

This is the next logical step after you’re done farming Molten Core, got your tier 1, and ready to move on in search for better loot. Be sure to complete your attunement beforehand, or you’re in for a long run.

Blackwing Lair will mercilessly test your skill and patience. People who raided back then will remember Vaelastrasz the Corrupt, otherwise known as “The Guild Breaker.” You either beat him in 1 hour, or you’re done with BWL till next week, which sounds like a serious enough reason to consider a Blackwing Lair boost purchase.

There are many more notorious encounters further down the road, like Firemaw and Chrommagus, the infamous “Halls of Strife.” And in the end, if you don’t have a special cloak from Onyxia – you’ll have a tough time beating Nefarius.

Already feeling overwhelmed? Head over to and get help from professional raiders!

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